EWR - EWR60 & EWR80

  • Glassed filled polyurethane covers
  • Heavy duty kordel drive unit
  • Heavy duty stability casters
  • Rugged plate steel frame
  • Reduce heat transfer
  • Lowest maintenance & operating cost



  • Precise control of travel & load handling, high torque low speed
  • Half the components of the closest competitor
  • High durable design improves pallet entry/exit
  • Flexible & extremely durable, increase operator comfort
  • Allows operator to be comfortable while working
  • Provides feedback to operator via status codes
  • Truck automatically slows when maintenance is needed
  • Increased productivity, decreased load damage
  • Reduced maintenance & replacement parts, more up-time
  • Less pallet/product damage
  • Reduced maintenance, increased productivity & operator comfort
  • Minimized operator fatigue, increased productivity
  • Faster troubleshooting, reduced down-time
  • Reduced damage to vital truck components