391 - H16DT / H18DT / H20DT

  • Unrivalled performance
  • Ergonomic & environmental excellence
  • Time-tested durability
  • Construction machinery style driving power
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Drastically reduced maintenance expenses
  • No friction brakes, clutch or torque converter; infinite speed control
  • Belly pan fortifies frame, protects components, acts as skid plate
  • Maximum RPM is 2,100; 1,050 RPM at 7 MPH
  • Shock mountin protects components against road shock damage
  • Top system efficiency via optimized controls
  • Pressurized hydraulics - no contamination of system, extends life
  • Overrhead cylinders for ideal load control & torque distribution
  • Unrivaled truck controllability = increased productivity
  • Decreased maintenance expense, longer truck life
  • Extended engine life/service intervals, fuel consumption is cut
  • Less noise, less stress = higher productivity; money saved
  • Increased operator awareness and care of equipment
  • Longer maintenance intervals, less downtime
  • Decreased maintenance cost, longer mast life, increased up-time