WLX Walkie

WLX Walkie Pallet Truck
Applications: Loading & Unloading Trailers, Supermarkets, Grocery Wholesalers, Warehousing, Bottling Operations, Department Stores

UniCarriers Exclusives

  • A super-tight industry-leading turning radius provides exceptional maneuverability
  • A full 5.9” of lift provides more clearance for easily traversing dock plates, ramp angles and uneven floors
  • A central cast iron frame with integral lift cylinder provides strong support for motors and lift system
  • The unique push rod linkage design offers superior protection against possible damage
  • Maintenance-free steel push rods eliminate the adjustment required by pull-rod designs

UniCarriers Advantages

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic motor, pump and large reservoir
  • Fast lift speed — 2.4 seconds to a full 5.9” height
  • Fast loaded travel speed — 3.7 mph (6.0 kph)
  • Low, contoured, compact powerhead improves maneuverability and visibility to fork tips
  • Contoured, tapered, robust fork tips and slides for fast, easy pallet entry & exit — even at sharp angles
  • Simplified 4-wire Controller Area Network (CAN) system means fewer wires and connectors, greater reliability and less maintenance
  • IP65 rated controller protects against dirt and moisture
  • Sealed harness connectors, switches and logic boards for operation in environments down to -4°F (-20.0°C)
  • Extended service intervals, easily accessible service points and non-wear componentry improve uptime and reduce costs
  • Sealed, self-lubricating maintenance-free fiber bushings in all fork linkage pivot points

UniCarriers Features

  • The brushless AC drive motor uses fewer components and requires less maintenance for reduced operating costs
  • 24 V electrical system, AC controller and drive system provide quick acceleration, smooth variable travel speeds and increased run times
  • Tiller-up drive switch overrides the brake and engages creep speed for precise load positioning and pinwheeling with the handle in the vertical position
  • Superb low-end torque for excellent gradeability and improved productivity
  • Ergonomically designed tiller handle operating ranges are optimizes for various sized operators
  • Smart Brake System — regenerative braking optimizes braking performance and reduces component wear
  • Tie rods require no field adjustments
  • External diagnostic port located for easy laptop access
  • Single-piece cover provides quick access to components