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Hopefully if you have gotten all the way to this page on our website you have been able to easily navigate through the width and breadth of our products and services. You will have had the opportunity to check inventories and pricing on new and used equipment, link to our manufacturers or to our sistercompanies, get advice on your own equipment and even make direct contact with our sales and support associates. 

What you won’t necessarily see is the true strength of our company – our employees. After 50 plus years and now entering our 4th generation it still marvels and humbles us when we reflect on the number of people who have given of themselves for the growth and betterment of our companies. From 2 employees in 1958 to nearly 600 today, many of whom following previous generations within their families, we continue to see our employees help us grow and innovate. We see countless examples of our people involved in our communities and generous of time and of resources. It is said, and we believe, that customers deal with individuals not companies.

Our long list of loyal customers is testament to the quality of our staff and the pride they take in their tasks.

To all of you, our customers, we save the largest Thanks!

Thanks for being there for us as we grew. Thanks for trusting us to provide solutions to your challenges. And mostly, Thanks for your continued friendship. Our promise to you is that we will continue to strive for new and better ways to provide cost effective solutions to help you with your business as you have helped us with ours. 

Our Best - Always,

Tim Hodge, President






Walter J. Hodge has a vision

Founded in 1958 by Walter J. Hodge, Hodge Transit Warehouse Company served the public warehousing needs of the local Tri-State Area becoming recognized as one of the leading storage and distribution facilities in the Midwest United States.




Hodge Material Handling is Born

After years of struggling to find consistent forklift service for their ever expanding fleet, Hodge Transit Warehouse finally took matters into their own hands by hiring a full-time forklift mechanic to maintain their equipment. Once word spread that Hodge was servicing their own equipment, other businesses in the area began to take notice and started soliciting their services. Seeing this as an opportunity, Hodge launched the idea of marketing this service to the Dubuque-land area. With two employees and a used pickup truck, Hodge Material Handling was formed and so began it's quest to become the Tri-State Area's only full-service forklift provider.


Hodge gets first opportunity as a Forklift Dealer

As Butch Hodge was out meeting with Hodge Transit Warehousing customers he found himself stumbling into a meeting between Komatsu Forklift and one of his customers. An interested Butch Hodge sat in on the meeting and began telling their story. Looking to expand their business, Komatsu became intrigued at the idea of adding Hodge as a dealer. Upon arriving home from his business trip, Butch found a Komatsu dealer packet sitting on his desk. And so the dealership was formed.



Hodge expands to offer full service offerings

After impressive growth in its first years in business, Hodge Material Handling quickly began exploring more options for growth. The company added another line to their forklift offerings by partnering with Baker Forklifts. In addition, the decision was made to expand from strictly forklift sales and service to becoming a complete warehouse products distributor, offering pallet rack, mezzanines, in-plant offices and many more lines. Today, the active vendor list is over 300.


Continuing to add to the lineup with Dock Equipment

After seeing exponential growth in allied equipment sales, Hodge continued to make strides to becoming the total warehouse solution provider by adding a loading dock equipment sales and service department.                                                             


Brick and Mortar in the Quad Cities

Seeing the growth opportunity in the Quad Cities market, Hodge Material Handling set up brick and mortar by buying out Material Handling Inc. and taking over the former Komatsu dealership opening its doors to a new branch in Bettendorf, IA.                                                              


A New Home

After almost 30 years on Kerper Boulevard, Hodge Material Handling moved it's Dubuque Branch to the Industrial Park on Chavenelle alongside the Hodge Company Corporate Office expanding their warehouse and shop by another 12,000 square feet.



Nissan Enters the Picture: Hodge takes on Nissan line of forklifts

Hodge expands it's offering of new forklifts by taking on the Nissan line giving them the ability to provide solutions to a broader base of customers.


Hodge makes History by selling 200,000th Nissan Forklift

Hodge is recognized by Nissan for selling their 200,000th forklift ever made. An incredible milestone for both Nissan and Hodge as Nissan tranisitions it's brand to the UniCarriers name, combining both TCM and Nissan together to enhance their products and services.