Hodge Material Handling has been providing first quality forklift repair service in the Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin for the past 30 years. As one of the Tri-state's largest warehousing facilities, we understand the frustration when needed equipment is down. We respond to all maintenance needs as if they were our own building a reputation for fast, dependable service. 

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Installation Services

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Operator Training

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Planned Maintenance Programs

We work with you to schedule your specific products needs as determined by an evaluation of your operation and use. Based on this, we design a maintenance schedule that:

  • Keeps your lift truck in optimal running condition                         
  • Extends the equipment's lifetime                                                  
  • Allows for less downtime and greater productivity                        
  • Generates greater trade-in value on your next lift truck purchase

Bottom Line: 

Our aggressive approach toward planned maintenance has made the difference in overall customer expenditures on break down repairs.

Keep your Equipment on the job and out of shop by stopping problems before they start.

Total Maintenance & Repair

Let us take the hassle out of lift truck maintenance by combining a planned maintenace schedule with complete repair services. You'll receive all the service in the Planned Maintenance program, and designated repairs for one fixed monthly rate, helping you keep your overall operating costs low and productivity high.


  • Preventive maintenance service at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Performed on-site and during normal business hours
  • Allows budgeting at a fixed rate, without unexpected expenses
  • If your a truck is down, we get you a replacement while your truck is being fixed
  • Ensures emergency repairs will be handled promptly

Concentrate on YOUR Business while we take care of your lift trucks.

Total Fleet Management

With cost control and data management solutions, Hodge helps create a fleet management strategy that improves operations, lowers forklift operating costs and increases profitability. Based on our audit of a company's fleet, we see a few common problems associated with managing a large forklift fleet and offer a variety of products and/or service solutions:

1.) High Maintenance and Repair Costs
Unexpected maintenance and repair costs cause downtime that can significantly impact the profitability of your operation. We would recommend some cost reducting

  • Planned Maintenance
  • Total Maintenance and Repair Programs
  • Guarenteed cost per Maintenance Contracts on Current fleets
  • Programs that match your expense to your income periods

2.) Improper Fleet Size or Mix
Many customers who choose to implement good fleet managmeent practices find that they actually have more equipment than needed. To ensure you have the right equipment for your operation, Hodge offers the following solutions to help:

  • Fleet Audit by Qualified Hodge Material Handling Rep
  • Customized Financing or Equipment Rental Solutions

Don't let Improper Handling of your fleet of equipment cost your company thousands of dollars.


3.) Equipment Security
Hodge offers a wide variety of products that provide controlled acces to your material handling equipment. The items listed below can help ensure proper use of forklifts:

  • Data Tracking Systems
  • Keyless Access

4.) Damage to Product, Equipment or Facility
Let's be honest, damage usually occurs as a result of careless or untrained operators, or equipment that is improperly matched to the application. Ways to improve this, can include:

  • Impact Monitors
  • Travel Speed Limiters
  • Operator Training
  • Forklift Side Rails

Our goal is simple: To best understand our Customer's objectives, explore options and provide the most cost effective and strategic fleet solution.

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