Hodge Material Handling has trained thousands of forklift operators around the TriStates and surrounding areas. OSHA studies have shown that unsafe and/or improper operation of lift trucks are a major cause of most serious and even fatal workplace accidents. An operator training program is the key to accident reduction in the workplace. Hodge Material Handling can help you meet the OSHA standard 1910.178 with fully accredited Forklift Training Program utilizing Nissan Forklift‘s “Safety Makes Sense”

Proper training by a credible source is not only a requirement, it's the safe thing to do. Well trained forklift operators have fewer accident which results in fewer injuries and reduced liability for your company. In addition, forklift operators that have been trained are less likely to damage product resulting in a more profitable materials handling situation.

Your operators will receive training, have group discussions, and take both written and driving tests to evaluate performance in the following areas:

*Lift Truck Basics*Pre – Operation Inspections
*Handling Procedures*Load Handling
*Balance & Stability*Fueling Procedures
*Battery Changing /Charging 

Today, it is important for the operator to take responsibility for the lift truck. However, this training alone does not guarantee OSHA compliance. Compliance is the responsibility of the employer for training, record keeping and operator evaluations.