Dock Levelers & Restraints

Hodge's dock equipment provices your loading dock with proven dependability, quality and safety.

Since 1958 Hodge MH has built a reputation as a leader in innovation and effective dock solutions. Representing some of the finest names in loading dock equipment, the highly experienced Hodge team takes a consultative approach to your project providing more than just access to equipment, but facility and process design and complete customization and fabrication to deliver the best solution.

Dock Levelers

No matter how demanding your dock operations are, our levelers are designed to serve your needs. In addition to reliability and durability they offer the lowest lifetime ownership costs. We offer various types of dock levelers that customers can choose based upon their specific demands and budget.

Types of Dock Levelers:

1. Air-Powered Dock Levelers 

Air-powered dock levelers are built upon a smooth transition design that decreases maximum jolts during operation by the truck operators. They include simple push button operation and reliable components that are wear resistant and offer both lower maintenance costs and longer life. 

2. Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Hydraulic dock levelers offer benefits similar to air-powered dock levelers. They offer high performance with ease of operation and minimum maintenance and ownership costs. The jumbo model of our hydraulic dock leveler provides an 8 foot 6 inch platform deck that can accommodate wider trucks with full width loads and lower beds. 

3. Mechanical Dock Levelers  

For basic dock leveler operations, mechanical dock levelers offer an economical and reliable solution. It includes a smooth and consistent walk-down system that has a unique counterbalance structure. To prevent free-fall it has dual safety stops included in the design. They are easy to clean and are designed to last long with low maintenance and ownership costs. 

Dock Restraints

When it comes to safety, there are many components that ensure a safe material handling operation, and one of the most important is a dependable truck restraint system. With a variety of options and features, Hodge MH provides premium restraint options that will eliminate any potential problems between your truck and dock leveler. 

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