Hodge MH proudly works with some of the leading manufacturers in the U.S. to provide a large variety of lift table configurations. These powerful tables are suitable for a wide variety of applications and can be customized to any product or facility requirements needed by your operations. 

Scissor Lifts 

Increase your worksite productivity by using a scissor lift for maintenance, installation and construction tasks. Scissor lifts usually contain a platform raised and lowered by folding supports in an X pattern. Scissor lifts often only lift vertically and they provide excellent capacity and maximum platform workspace. In addition, these lift tables prevent injuries to your employees and increase productivity by helping raise and position materials, eliminating the potential for injury to workers who would otherwise lift heavy items. 

Tilt Tables

Operators can adjust loads vertically and in degree of tilt to keep small parts or other items within reach as a bin, basket, or pallet is loaded or unloaded. This reduced exposure to back injury, improved employee productivity, and greater work quality results from keeping the work in the operator's ergonomic "power zone." 

Preferred Vendors: