• Conveyors


Transport materials and products to your employees, increasing quality control and safety. Conveyor systems eliminate inefficiency and wasted time by moving products and inventory to the appropriate location. 

Flex Conveyors 

Flex conveyors contract and expand to provide easy transportation and compact storage. Ideal for loading and unloading in multiple locations. 

  • Features: compact storage, easy transportation, power or gravity 
  • Used For: loading and unloading trucks, loading and unloading multiple docks

Gravity Conveyors

Gravity conveyors generally use either rollers or skatewheels and harness the power of gravity to assist inthe travel of containers even when there is no power source around. Commonly used for hard, smooth bottomed containers 

  • Features: lower cost, single elevation, shorter runs, lower volume, less weight (boxes under 200 lbs.) 
  • Used For: order fulfillment, product assembly, sorting, packing stations, transfer of product from one point to another

Power Conveyors

Powered conveyors use a motor and have a wider variety of conveyor surfaces than gravity conveyors. These type of conveyors are ideal for loose substances, or soft or uneven bottomed containers that can’t travel on rollers. They are great for any time you need a conveyor in constant motion or need items to travel longer distances. 

  • Features: elevation changes, longer runs, higher volume and heavier weight 
  • Used For: product assembly, sorting, packing stations, order fulfillment, transfer of product from one point to another

Lifts & Carousels

Move bulky items to different levels of your warehouse using these hydraulic lifts. They can be installed through floors, or as additions to mezzanines and other structures. 

  • Features: changing elevations, parts storage 
  • Used For: order fulfillment, bin storage 

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