• Pallet Racks & Systems


Control the distribution and storage of your palletized inventory and improve your profitability by investing in the right pallet rack system for your operation.

Hodge Material Handling partners with some of the largest pallet rack storage manufacturers in North America. Our racking systems provide innovative solutions to improve pallet rack safety, including Column Sentry reinforcements, slant back/offset uprights, beam-to-beam locking mechanisms and Seismic Base Isolation technology. From economical 100% selective pallet rack to high density storage rack systems to specialized options, Hodge can provide a customized racking solution to meet any storage needs.

Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet rack provides easy accessibility to all products at all times, which is important when the inventory is rapidly depleted and restocked. Selective rack is the most commonly used pallet rack system due to it’s high weight capacity and comparatively low cost. Mustang MH helps lower the cost even further by offering high quality used rack, in addition to a huge variety of new products.

Drive-In/Drive-Through Rack

Drive-in / drive-through (drive-thru) racks are storage rack configurations that allow the forklift todrive directly into the lane of stacked rows (called a bay). The difference between a drive-in and a drive-through pallet rack system is simply whether the bays have an entry at only one end, or at both ends.

Gravity Flow Rack

Pallet flow systems are high density pallet storage systems that utilize depth to increase capacity. This system uses a slightly inclined rail with rollers that allow pallets to move easily along the sloped plane. These systems are also called gravity flow or dynamic flow systems. The pallet flow system often has complex motion and braking systems to control the speed of the moving pallet.

Push Rack

Push-back pallet rack systems are designed around the principle of organizing space by depth rather than width. This depth arrangement greatly reduces aisle space and increases storage density. In this configuration, each pallet is stored on wheeled carts that ride on rails. The rails are slightly angled toward the load/unload side of the rack and use gravity to move the pallet. When a forklift sets the pallet onto the cart, it drives forward and causes the pallet to bump the next pallet, causing the entire row of pallets to roll backwards. When removing a pallet from the front position the remaining pallets immediately stage themselves forward so that the next available pallet can be accessed.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever is best utilized for the storage of long, awkward items like lumber, plywood, steel bars, tubes, rolls, furniture, and sheets. Since there’s no support beams in the front, cantilever rack allows easy loading and unloading.

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